Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Content Stalking, It is back firing!!

There are a few people in the automotive digital marketing space who love to stalk my content.  Some even go as far as to start hate blogs targeted at me.  The good thing is I have a good idea who created the hate blog and the authorities will probably sort it out.  As far as the cowards who take the time to email links to everything I have ever published, I thank them.  They have elevated themselves to outcast in the eyes of many and have given me tons of traffic.  They are too stupid to realize that at the end of the day traffic is everything and the links from their hate blog only push my content up further in the SERPs.  Once again thank you!!

Their flawed product and stolen ideas have as much chance of surviving long term as a member of the Kennedy family getting back in office in my lifetime.  Remote but doubtful.  It has more problems that a poor name.

These are the same people that criticize me using backdoor techniques to try to cause me trouble for converting pages that I used for personal branding when I worked for Carl Gregory Hyundai over to affiliate marketing.  When their products only real monetization is adsense and lead affiliates.  Exactly how I am profiting from the page(s) I converted.  I guess what is good for one is not good for another. 

Something else that is comical is that someone who claims to be a master of something, not quite figured out what yet unless you count being a blow hard, could not keep his word if his life depended on it.  He took the time to also email links around the world to my former employer and others.  After we stuck a gentleman's agreement to let sleeping dogs lie after he attempted to entrap me in a phone conversation.  No matter how much he can bench press it still does not make him a man.

What is cool one of my rss subscribers dugg my original rant about this and it will probably catch some steam there too.  I posted it at my blog about Personal Search Engine Reputation Management

This is my space I open it for the public to see.  If you don't like what you see here stay the hell away.  Spend your time trying to build your business if you want to get back at me, because how it stands you are helping build mine.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

How to Save Money on a Hyundai at Carl Gregory Hyundai

If you want some great tips on how to save some money when shopping at Carl Gregory Hyundai this is a simple guide written written by me. Just click on the link on "Carl Gregory Hyundai" to find out how to save as much money as possible when you shop at Carl Gregory Hyundai.Using these techniques you can save thousands on your new Hyundai.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Basic Automotive SEO

Having a website found on the search engines is one of the easiest ways for businesses in the automotive industry to improve their sales and service. Here are some basic techniques that will help towards the goal of having an automotive website found by the potential customers who are looking.While this is an ever evolving process there is some sound advice here if you are wanting to do it yourself. The SEO process for the newbie can be a fight if they do not know some of the simple basics. If not make sure you hire a professional Automotive SEO expert and not some fly by night organization.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to Save Money at Golden Isles Nissan in Brunswick, GA

After leaving a the dealership as an Internet Sales Manager I have to redirect a lot of content to other uses. More than likely I will just convert this high traffic content over to affiliate landing pages like I did this on on Golden Isles Nissan

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Automobile Industry Events JD Powers Internet Roundtable

The J.D Powers Automotive Internet Roundtable looks like it will be a huge event for automobile industry professionals to get on the cutting edge of Automotive Social Networking Hopefully I will be in attendance and get to meet many other industry professional.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kansas City Suzuki Dealer

Suzuki of Wichita is one of the top 10 Suzuki Dealers in the nation. For a good reason. They really go out of the way to take care of the consumer. Some of the great things they are doing is setting up a blog to help consumers even out of their market area. They really want to make sure you Ride Home Happy no matter who you buy your car from.

This is an unusual trait in the automotive industry today and they are always looking for ways to help others. Dealers and consumers. They participate in all levels of Automotive Social Networking. They are a real class act.

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Don't Buy the Lies 15 things to watch for when buying a car

A car dealer debunks the 15 Scams, Tricks and lies about the car business. He gives very practical advice on how to save money, time and headache while making a purchase on a new or used car.This ebook is a must read if you are in the market for a car. The goo thing is you do not have to give up personal information to get a copy of it. Just visit the link below and you can read it online or download a copy.

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